We offer you various kind of accomodation in houses and historical buildings on Söderlångvik manor for up to 27 persons. Söderlångvik manor also rents cottages for longer periods. There are about 40 cottages and they are all situated in the beautiful archipelago.


Villa Sundsvedja

The luxurious Villa Sundsvedja is situated approx 2 km’s from Café Vivan and Söderlångvik museum. Villa Sundsvedja is a modern villa, built in 2009 with accomodation capacity of two double rooms and two single rooms, toilets, a big sauna department, big terraces, an own pier and rowing boat.

Next to Villa Sundsvedja there is an annex building, which was built in 2017. The annex has accomodation capacity of two double rooms and two single rooms and two separate toilets with showers. All rooms have beautiful views to the sea.

Prices according to season, from 785€/1-2 days, 1446€/week.



Grindstugan is a cozy house, built in 1963 for Ms Sylvelin Långholm, the lady friend of Amos Anderson. There is a peaceful path from the house to the museum and you will walk through the park, which was designed by Paul Olson.

Grindstugan was renovated in 2014. Accomodation is available for five persons with one extra bed as there are only two double rooms in the house. Further there is a kitchen, a large living room with an open fireplace and a big dinnertable. The in-built glassterrace is a beautiful detail of this cozy house. In the yard you find the smallest sauna building and there is also a small pier next to the house. The perfect sea view amongst with the harmony of the nature will make you feel totally relaxed during your stay.

Prices according to season, from 457€/1-2 days, 808€/week.



Anna-Lisas is unfortunately not available during 2019.

A cozy cottage with a beautiful view to the sea quite next to the apple gardens. The cottage accomodates six persons in three double rooms. There is also a small kitchen, shower and toilet and a small yard.


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