Cycling is a wonderful way to enjoy the surroundings of the archipelago at your own pace. Now you have the opportunity to rent a bike at Söderlångvik Manor, in collaboration with Carfield!

You will find Carfield’s high – quality bikes around the archipelago at over 20 rental points. What is especially handy is that you can rent a bike at one rental point and return it to another rental point. On the map you see where the rental points are located.

A rental bike is also a convenient way to get to know the local area for those of you who have booked accommodation with us, perhaps take a bike ride to Purunpää or explore Dalsbruk or Kasnäs. It is possible to have the bike rented for several days, if you want to go out to sea and / or enjoy everything that the Coastal Route has to offer!

For an exakt list of rental spots, prices and more, go to Carfield’s website.