Photographs 30 x N.N.

8.11 – 22.12.2019 Söderlångvik Manor’s café

The exhibition Black Kaffinobox XIX consists of photographs taken by visitors during an interactive pinhole camera event which was held at the Söderlångvik Museum in Dragsfjärd on July 6th – 7th 2019. The photographs were made with pinhole cameras made from Chicory packaging, ie Kaffino boxes. The original negatives were scanned, inverted, made as prints on backlit film and assembled into light equipped Kaffino boxes. The exhibition Black Kaffinobox XIXconsists of 30 photographs. It’s a collective exhibition about the Söderlångvik Museum and its surroundings viewed from multiple perspectives.

Thank you to everyone who attended the summer event, without your efforts the exhibition would not be possible!

For further information:

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