Join us in celebrating spring and the 1st of May! Our delicious May Day brunch buffet will be served from 11 am to 3 pm.

Price: 29,90 € / adult and 14,90 € / children 5-12 years


• Spring asparagus salad L, G
• Anchovy potato salad L, G
• Caesar salad L
• Herb-Waldorf salad L, G
• Mozzarella-cherry tomato salad L, G
• Whitefish-tartar breads L
• Aura cheese herring L, G
• Chili-ginger herring L, G
• Carp-cheviche L, G
• Skagen with eggs L, G
• Herring tray, siikli potatoes, smetana roe and red onion L, G
• Chorizo and falafel dumplings, canary potatoes, mojo sauce and aioli L, G
• Curry sausages and Thai coleslaw L, G
• Smoked duck breast and cranberry-port wine sauce L, G
• Söderlångvik apple pancake and vanilla cream L, G
• Mini fritters and mead L

G = gluten-free
L = lactose-free

Please make your reservation by Wednesday, April 28th at noon, either by phone 040-77 11 298 or by e-mail

Warmly welcome, and have a lovely May Day celebration!