Museum & art

The museum in the Manor’s main building is closed at the moment due to renovation. The museum will open to the public in the spring of 2021.

A museum displaying Amos Anderson’s art collection and personal history has been operating at the main building of Söderlångvik since 1965. Discover Amos’ impressive life, comprehensive collection and our changing exhibitions.


The manor’s art collection consists mainly of works that have been there ever since Amos Anderson’s time: approximately a hundred paintings, sculptures and graphics. In Anderson’s private collections there are 250 works of art. Several artists from Turku, e.g. Edwin Lyden, Aarne Niinivirta and Teodor Schalin are represented. Also some of Sigrid Schauman’s, Lennart Segerstråle’s and Marcus Collin’s works are included.


Katja Öhrnberg

The visual artist Katja Öhrnberg’s (b. 1970) Elixirs exhibition is on show in Café Söderlångvik throughout summer 2020. Öhrnberg, who lives and works in Fiskars, is adept in the use of multiple materials, working with painting and with sculptures that comment on the environment.

In her art Öhrnberg deals with the presence of thoughts, consciousness and emotions.The Elixirs exhibition shows her interpretations of health and well-being. The installation 200 elixirs – What do you need? consisting of little coloured bottles on the café wall takes our thoughts to physical remedies. But there is a more spiritual aspect underlying these works, which accentuates the importance of states of mind and emotions for wellbeing. Many of Öhrnberg’s works spring from the idea that help can be found in simple moments. Moments divested of pointless activity can be filled with wisdom. 

Read more about the exhibition here.

Carriage museum

In the building of old carriages you will find some of the manor’s old horse carriages and working tools.