Lunch menu Mon, Jun 29th – Sun, Jul 5th 2020

Restaurant is open every day 11.00 – 17.00

Buffet lunch is served 11.00 – 15.00 on weekdays and 12.00 – 16.00 on Sat & Sun

Mon 29.6 Salsify soup & Bacon Sausages

Tue 30.6 Wiener soup & Chicken Marengo

Wed 1.7 Perch soup & Taco casserole

Thu 2.7 Pea soup and pancakes & Schnitzel with mushroom sauce

Fri 3.7 Parsnip soup & Smetana Salmon

Sat 4.7 ARCHIPELAGO BUFFET, main course Chicken Kiev

Sun 5.7 ARCHIPELAGO BUFFET, main course Pike-perch á la Mannerheim


  • Weekdays 12,90€ / 7,90€ ( children 5-12 yrs )
  • Sat & Sun 21,90 € / 12,90 €
  • Soup & salad buffét 10,90 € / 6,90 €

Warmly welcome!

Opening hours 2020

Söderlångvik Manor Opening Hours June 1st – December 31st 2020

Restaurant Cafe Söderlångvik & the manor’s deli and handicraft shop:

1.6-30.9 every day 11.00-17.00, lunch 11.00-15.00, Sat & Sun lunch 12.00-16.00

Closed on Midsummer weekend Fri-Sat 19-21.6

1.10-22.12.2020 weekdays 11.00-15.00 & lunch 11.00-14.00, Sat & Sun 12.00-16.00, lunch 12.00-15.00

We are also open by agreement for groups. Please contact for reservations and questions about the restaurant.

We care about the safety of our customers and have placed hand sanitizers in several places in the restaurant. We serve lunch in portions instead of buffét and have cut down the number of seats to ensure social distancing while enjoying your meal.


The Manor main building is closed due to renovation, and will be open for visitors again in May 2021.

The exhibitions in Gallery Alma & the Carriage Museum are open 1.6-30.9 every day 11.00-17.00, with the exception of Midsummer weekend, when we are closed Fri-Sun 19-21.6. Free entrance to the exhibitions.

Accommodation facilities available for bookings are the cozy Grindstugan and the luxurious Villa Sundsvedja. Read more about the accommodation.

Please contact us at if you are interested in an offer for a conference visit, accommodation, a guided day trip or all of the above. We can also help you organize a lovely event such as a birthday celebration or a wedding!

Despite the main buidning being closed, there is a lot to see when you vitis the manor. The park anf the nature trails are always open for visitors, everything from the little Ladybird trail to the vast forest area of Purunpää. There is also a lean-to by one of the trails, which rewards you with a breathtaking view. Read more about the nature trails here.

The guest pier is always open for boating guests. Depth is 1,5-2 meters.

Warmly welcome to Söderlångvik Manor!

The new and improved Söderlångvik

These days it can feel like a challenge to capture the manor’s surroundings in a picture without seeing a construction project 🙂. Once everything is finished it will me marvellous, but for the moment we can only apologise for the inconvenience caused by all our renovation work!

We are building a new terrace around the restaurant that will be completed during the summer, and then the service and space at Café Söderlångvik will be even better! A new car park is under construction which will be completed next week, with a short walk directly to the restaurant.

Slowly but surely, stone for stone the new terrace takes form.

The park work with new plantings, the repair of the pool and much more is also well underway, as is the renovation of the main building. The refreshed park you can still enjoy during this summer, and come May 2021 it will be time for a new inauguration of the museum.

Thank you for your understanding and patience 💚 and welcome to Söderlångvik!

Summer Cruises from Dalsbruk

Four Fridays in July 2020, the 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st, there will be an Archipelago Route (5,5 h) that starts in Dalsbruk, and includes lunch at Café Söderlångvik!

M/s Alva departs from the port of Dalsbruk, by the guest harbour, at 9 am and is back at 2:30 pm.

Rutten sträcker sig längre ut i Finlands vackra skärgård, ut på Gullkronan. Resenärerna får uppleva ryska garnisoner, krögarhålet med krog från vikingatiden och Jungfrusund med jättegrytan. Man får lyssna på berättelser om ryska tiden, Hamnholmens historia, Sandskärs betydelse och Sandöns fenomen. Alva tar i land på Söderlångvik Gård där lunchen avnjuts på Cafe Söderlångvik, för att sedan i lugn takt återvända med fina skärgårdsvyer till avgångshamnen Dalsbruk.

The route extends further out into the beautiful archipelago of Finland, out on the Gullkronan. Travelers will experience Russian garrisons, a pub from the Viking age and Jungfrusund with the giant’s kettles. You can listen to stories about Russian times, the history of Hamnholm, the significance of Sandskär and the phenomenon of Sandön. Alva docks at Söderlångvik Manor for lunch at Cafe Söderlångvik, and then at a nice and slow pace returns with nice archipelago views to the port of Dalsbruk.

A mix of facts and stories from the Viking Age to the present spices this cozy tour of the archipelago. Guiding is in Swedish and Finnish.

Price: 65 € / person, half price for children 3-12 years. Book your ticket now by e-mail:

Information in Fin/Swe about the shipowner Dalsbruk Sjötrafik

Morning Yoga at Söderlångvik Manor

Thursdays 2.7 – 30.7.2020 at 9.30 – 11.00

Start the summer day with a calm and relaxing yoga session!

Every session will have its own theme.

Thu 2.7 Heart opener 💛 Focus on upper body, shoulders and arms. A hatha yoga session that is perfect if you want to open up tight shoulders. Calm exercises interspersed with more challenging ones.

Thu 9.7 Hips and legs 🧘🏻‍♀️ Hatha yoga workout with strengthening exercises interspersed with stretching exercises for the hip and legs.

Thu 16.7 Dynamic yin yoga 🌸 Peaceful yoga session where we stay longer in the positions, interspersed with calm dynamic movements to soften the body. Ideal for those who experience stress and have a rigid body. 

Thu 23.7 Creative hatha yoga 🙏 Yoga is about getting to know oneself and one’s body. During this hatha yoga workout, we do both physical movements and relaxation, and learn to feel what our body needs.

Thu 30.7 Open theme 🦋 Program according to the participants’ wishes.

All workouts end with a relaxation exercise. Please bring your own yoga mat and a blanket, and clothes to keep you warm. We do yoga either outdoors or inside the carriage museum depending on the weather.

Cecilia Weckström, yoga teacher and entrepreneur who has fallen in love with personality development, nature and overall wellness

The yoga costs 12 € / person / session, you can also buy a three time serial ticket for 30 € or the whole series of five yoga sessions for 40 €. Fee for missed visits will not be returned.

Book now at e-mail! If you prefer you can book by phone during restaurant hours: Café Söderlångvik tel. 02 425 037.

Payment is made to Café Söderlångvik, where we treat all yoga participants to a free cup of tea after yoga. You can also enjoy a delicious lunch for 12,90 €, the current lunch menu can be found here.

Katja Öhrnberg: Elixirs

1.6.2020 –

The visual artist Katja Öhrnberg’s (b. 1970) Elixirs exhibition is on show in Café Söderlångvik throughout summer 2020. Öhrnberg, who lives and works in Fiskars, is adept in the use of multiple materials, working with painting and with sculptures that comment on the environment.

In her art Öhrnberg deals with the presence of thoughts, consciousness and emotions.The Elixirs exhibition shows her interpretations of health and well-being. The installation 200 elixirs – What do you need? consisting of little coloured bottles on the café wall takes our thoughts to physical remedies. But there is a more spiritual aspect underlying these works, which accentuates the importance of states of mind and emotions for wellbeing. Many of Öhrnberg’s works spring from the idea that help can be found in simple moments. Moments divested of pointless activity can be filled with wisdom. 

Main picture: Two hundred elixirs – what do you need?
Installation; food colouring, bottels and water, 2012 / 2020
Photo: Katja Öhrnberg

Öhrnberg uses the paintings’ abstract, stratified colour surfaces to depict, for instance, the relationship between movement and the moment. That relationship is made concrete in the long chains of generations that she portrays in I was here. Each generation’s signs and “tags” are products of their own time, while carrying with them meanings from generations now past.

Reasons, 100 x 120 cm acrylic on canvas, 2017. Photo: Stella Ojala

Öhrnberg’s exhibition continues in the Manor House grounds – or more precisely on the eastern side of the main building, at the beginnings of the Ladybird Trail that winds its way through the forest. In the exuberantly coloured Circle Dance sculpture we return to childhood games in which human and nature pranced merrily together. Join the circle and listen to what the trees have to tell you!

Katja Öhrnberg graduated as a visual artist from Art School MAA in 1994. She has also studied at Lahti Art Institute and St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Öhrnberg’s works have been shown in Finland and the other Nordic countries.

Mother’s Day brunch from Café Söderlångvik!

Order a lovely Mother’s Day menu from Söderlångvik, and you can enjoy a wonderful brunch! It is packed in a beautiful and sturdy Söderlångvik jute bag and includes a bottle of the farm’s own apple juice and a little surprise as well.

The Söderlångvik’s own archipelago bread L
Asian herring G / L
Shrimp Skagen G / L
Roast Beef with Waldorf salad G / L
Cheese pie L (gluten free by request)
Semi-dried tomatoes G / L
Apple pie L (gluten free by request)

G = gluten free
L = lactose free

The price is 36 € / person. Please place your order by Sunday, May 3rd at 3 pm either by phone 040-77 11 298 or by e-mail
The food can be picked up from Café Söderlångvik on Saturday, May 9th between 10 am and noon.

Welcome with your order!

We wish all the mothers a wonderful day 🌸

May Day picnic from Café Söderlångvik!

May Day will be celebrated in a slightly different way this year, but that doesn’t stop us from making it a party! Order the food for May Day’s eve from Söderlångvik, and you can enjoy a three course dinner. Celebrate at home or bring it with you on a picnic – it’s a handy menu where everything is served cold.

The Söderlångvik’s own archipelago bread
Wasabi herring G / L
Apple herring G / L
Beetroot and vodka-marinated salmon with horseradish cream G / L

Main course
Double marinated pork fillet G / L
Italian Potato Salad G (Lactose-free if needed)
Forest Mushroom Salad

Apple Cinnamon Pannacotta G / L

G = gluten-free
L = lactose-free

The price is 20 € / person. Please place your order by Sunday, April 26th at 3 pm either by phone 040-77 11 298 or by e-mail
The food can be picked up from Café Söderlångvik on Thursday, April 30th between noon and 2 pm.

As a drink for this menu, we recommend the farm’s own apple cider, or the apple juice that is available in both bottles and a bag-in-box.

We will also bake fresh dairy free fritters stuffed with the farm’s apple mash, which can also be ordered in advance.
The donuts cost 3 € / pc and are heavenly good!

Welcome with your order, and have a lovely and atmospheric May Day celebration!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Bring a loved one for Valentine’s Day coffee on Friday the 14th: Coffee and heart fritters for two for only 5 €! Café is open from 11 to 15, see you <3

Pic by Lessica Lewis / Unsplash

Lunch buffét open all winter long!

Excellent news! Café Söderlångvik will be open in the wintertime, so you will still have the chance to enjoy the lovely lunches. We are open from January 2nd to April 30th 2020 on weekdays 11.00-15.00, lunch time is 11.00-14.00.

À la carte will be available again from May 1st, 2020.

We are also open by agreement for groups. Please contact for restaurant inquiries, and for prices and programmes if you are interested in booking a guided tour, a conference visit, a birthday party or a wedding!

All opening hours for 2020 can be found here.

Photo by Roven Images on Unsplash