Söderlångvik Manor Opening Hours January 1st – December 31st 2020

Restaurant Cafe Söderlångvik & the manor’s deli and handicraft shop:

2.1-30.4 weekdays 11.00-15.00, lunch 11.00-14.00

1.5-30.9 every day 11.00-17.00, lunch 11.00-15.00 (20.6- 31.8 Sat & Sun lunch 12.00-16.00)

À la carte is served during the summertime 1.5-30.9, same times as the buffét

Closed on Midsummer weekend Fri-Sat 19-21.6

1.10-22.12.2020 weekdays 11.00-15.00 & lunch 11.00-14.00, Sat & Sun 12.00-16.00, lunch 12.00-15.00

We are also open by agreement for groups. Please contact cafe@soderlangvik.fi for reservations and questions about the restaurant.


The Manor main building is closed due to renovation during the summertime, but will be open for group bookings from September 2020.

The exhibitions in Gallery Alma & the Carriage Museum are open 1.5-30.9 every day 11.00-17.00, with the exception of Midsummer weekend, when we are closed Fri-Sun 19-21.6. Free entrance to the exhibitions.

Accommodation facilities available for bookings are the cozy Grindstugan and the luxurious Villa Sundsvedja. Read more about the accommodation.

Please contact us at sales@soderlangvik.fi if you are interested in an offer for a conference visit, accommodation, a guided day trip or all of the above. We can also help you organize a lovely event such as a birthday celebration or a wedding!

Despite the main buidning being closed, there is a lot to see when you vitis the manor. The park anf the nature trails are always open for visitors, everything from the little Ladybird trail to the vast forest area of Purunpää. There is also a lean-to by one of the trails, which rewards you with a breathtaking view. Read more about the nature trails here.

The guest pier is always open for boating guests. Depth is 1,5-2 meters.

Warmly welcome to Söderlångvik Manor!