The Purunpää Natural Reserve

The promontory of Purunpää offers some unique nature and acts as a gateway to the outer archipelago. The diverse terrain includes rich groves as well as barren rocks, while everything is surrounded by the sea. From the top of Glasberget you get a magnificent view over the nearby Archipelago National Park.

In July of 2019 a 200 hectare large natural reserve was founded at Purunpää, privately owned by Söderlångvik Manor. All strictly economically driven forestry work stopped when that decision was made. The area now evolves on its own rate and Söderlångvik Manor contributes in the effort to increase biodiversity. The Manor conducts forestry practices that combine economic, ecological, and social aspects.

A survey found Purunpää to possess a unique natural value. The region is shaped by heathlands and peatlands. You can discover cliffs and rocky fields as well as forested hills with pines, spruces, and birches, which are all typically Finnish trees. If you’re lucky, you can see black grouse, capercaillies, and white-tailed eagles. Moose, white-tailed deer, and roedeer are also common, but harder to spot.

Pictures by Jannica Joelsson, 2019

The historical Krögarudden

The historical Krögarudden is also worth a visit. For hundreds of years this sound between Högholmen and Purunpää was an important seafaring junction. Soldiers first marched to Krögarudden in order to be shipped on to war in Europe from there. Axel Oxenstierna (1612-1654) was one of the Swedish king´s must trusted servants. As payment for his good work Axelstierna received the title “Baron of Kimito Island”. In 1642 he opened a tavern at Krögarudden and forbid others to sell beer close by. Many kings have stayed here and waited out for good weather – e.g. Gustav II Adolf, Karl IX, and Sigismund from Poland. The tavern closed in 1713 after the Russian occupation. Some remains from the buildings as well as inscriptions in the rocks can still be found today.

Pictures by Mathias Lönnström, 2019

For visitors

Purunpää is famous and popular among nature lovers. Söderlångvik Manor welcomes visitors to enjoy this beautiful landscape! Please be aware that you are not allowed to use your own car in the natural reserve. Hiking up to the top of Glasberget is a six kilometer walk. It’s forbidden to build a fire or camp overnight. But you are welcome to pick berries and mushrooms at Purunpää! 

Visit the link below for a marked trail along the stunning shore of Purunpää.

Purunpää trail (Google maps)

You are also welcome to visit Café Söderlångvik, where you will find an exhibition with photos from Purunpää.