Söderlångvik Glass

Söderlångvik Manor presents: our very own ice cream!

The best time for ice cream is always! Söderlångvik Glass was launched in the summer of 2022 at Söderlångvik Manor and at the Glasspalatset ice cream bar in Helsinki.

You’ll find the Manor’s own special ice cream kiosk in Amos Anderson’s garage, adorned by karyatids. The kiosk is open every day from 11 am-5 pm during the summer.

The ice cream bar Glasspalatset is smack in the middle of Helsinki, in Lasipalatsi (“Glass Palace”) of course!  In Glasspalatset you can shop other Söderlångvik Manor products, and also other local food products from the Kimito Islands (Kimitoön), home of Söderlångvik. Juices, jam, honey and of course fresh apples!

Hours: Mon-Sat 12 noon to 6 pm

Contact: soderlangvikglass@konstsamfundet.fi

Söderlångvik Glass is made from our own apples grown in the most beautiful archipelago landscape in the world. Each ice cream is domestically produced. The range of ice creams is mouth-watering – how do you like the sound of an apple mojito sorbet or a mascarpone and raspberry apple ice cream? Clean, fresh and summery.

This might just be your best tip to sass up your day with something truly exceptional!