Thank you for a wonderful Blossom Day!


Bright sunshine and many happy faces could be seen everywhere in the park at Söderlångvik Manor on Saturday 27 May, when we welcomed the summer by celebrating Blossom Day. A big and warm thank you to all the partners and participants in the programme, and of course to all the visitors!

CEO Annika Jansson officially opens the Glassgaraget together with the team Jessica Sandell, Jennifer Stenberg, Petra Barre-Cygnel, Pia Holm and farm manager Mikael Jensen. Photo: Niki Strbian
At the market you could enjoy both apple blossoms and crafts. Photo: Niki Strbian
The new shop Glassgaraget houses the apple farm’s direct sales, local crafts and of course the ice cream parlour Söderlångvik Glass. Photo: Niki Strbian
Jimmy Träskelin’s music contributed greatly to the nice and relaxed atmosphere of the garden market. Photo: Niki Strbian
One of the most popular programmes was a horse and carriage ride through the park and apple orchard with the Knab Stars team. Photo: Niki Strbian
Gardening expert Sonja Lumme talked about planting and caring for herbs. Many were interested in exchanging a few words with this charismatic star who certainly knows what she is talking about. Photo: Niki Strbian
In the restaurant crowd, you could see star chef Sami Tallberg, who is running the Manor’s restaurant Ateljé Sami Tallberg x Söderlångvik this summer. Photo: Hanna Vuorio-Wilson
Museum guide Marjatta Grenman, Ambassador of the Year in the municipality of Kimitoön in 2022, knows everything you need to know about Amos Anderson and more. The museum offered an open house and guided tours during the day. Photo: Niki Strbian
There is no jetty in the world that is not embellished by a visit from the yacht Eugenia. Photo: Niki Strbian

The island’s florists competed for the public’s favour with spectacular floral arrangements, which could be voted for when visiting the museum. Photos: Hanna Vuorio-Wilson

This year’s artist, sculptor Riku Riippa, spoke to the audience about his exhibition together with Head of Collections Kaj Martin. Photo: Niki Strbian
Young local folk dancers gave a great performance. Photo: Niki Strbian
Many eager participants also joined the whole family’s flower adventure, where they got to do bird watching, build insect hotels, play in swings and much more at a total of 10 different activity points. Many thanks to our creative visualises Pia Holm and Petra Barre-Cygnel, also known from Västanfjärds “Esters blomhage”, for this and much more during the Blossom Day! Photo: Niki Strbian
The replica of Amos Anderson’s colonnade is a most appropriate stage for a gospel choir, isn’t it? The Baltic Gospel Singers provided the magnificent experience. Photo: Niki Strbian

See you again next year in blooming time!