Söderlångvik Gård is organizing a traditional Christmas tree Charity event on Saturday, 19th December, where you can come and cut your own Christmas tree in the Manor’s forest.

The price of the spruce is 7 € or any higher amount, please note cash payment only.

The collected sum is donated in its entirety to Kimito Island’s families with children through the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Kimito Island’s local department.

There will be a lottery among all participants, where you can win a Söderlångvik Gård basket with delicacies!

The forest area, which is close to Café Söderlångvik, is marked on a map that you can pick up from the restaurant on 19.12 from 11.00-14.00. Bring your own saw and / or axe.


11.00-14.30 Cut your own Christmas tree

11.00-14.00 Apple sales in the yard, weather reservation

11.00-16.00 The café is open, with sales of crafts and the manor’s products

12.00-15.00 Christmas buffet, please note pre-booking to 02 42 50 37 or cafe@soderlangvik.fi. Read more about our Christmas bufféts here

15.00 Visit of Dragsfjärds Lucia

Warmly welcome, and a wonderful Christmastime to you all!

More information:

Forest Manager Siv Vesterlund-Karlsson, tel 044 725 7570, siv.vesterlund-karlsson@soderlangvik.fi

Communications Officer Hanna Vuorio-Wilson, tel 040 562 2198, hanna.vuorio-wilson@soderlangvik.fi

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