Söderlångvik’s own festival of light


Light in the winter darkness at Söderlångvik Manor 25.11-17.12.2023

Söderlångvik Manor’s owner, Föreningen Konstsamfundet, has made major investments in all areas of the estate, from apple cultivation to sustainable forestry, and not least in tourism. Part of this is an extension of the season and the development of several exciting events throughout the year.

First up is Lux Söderlångvik, which will light up the autumn darkness from the opening of the exhibitions on Saturday 25.11.2023 until the Christmas at Söderlångvik – weekend of 16-17.12.2023. It promises light art installations, Lux Söderlångvik art in the museum, Christmas fun in the Glassgaraget and a nice Christmas programme during a whole weekend with a Christmas market, crafts and rhymes, Lucia and Christmas tree event.

  • The idea for our own light art event was born quite soon after I joined the organisation last spring. In June we had contact with Alexander Reichstein who visited Söderlångvik and immediately fell in love with the beautiful environment. We hope that everyone can feel a little winter magic and live in a bygone era when these figures lived, says Annika Jansson, CEO of Söderlångvik Manor.

The event is aimed at everyone: companies wishing to treat their staff to a Christmas lunch and light art, groups looking for an autumnal art experience, families with children, or maybe even a date in a romantic setting.

Food will be served both in the Glassgaraget café and at Ateljé Sami Tallberg. On the weekend of 16-17 December there will be a Christmas market and the traditional Christmas tree party for charity.

  • In Glassgaraget, you can enjoy hot apple mulled wine, apple cake and ice cream made from the farm’s own apples, while at the same time finding nice Christmas presents. During the Christmas market day on 16 December, there will be a bus shuttle from Helsinki to Söderlångvik, says Annika Jansson.

Ghostly Guests

The exhibition Ghostly Guests consists of illuminated sculpture installations with sound effects. Human figures, bent from steel wire and spray-painted with fluorescent colour, wake up like ghosts in the UV light. The translucent figures melt into their beautiful surroundings.

The artist Alexander Reichstein is a trained graphic artist, and this influence can be seen in the stylised figures.

Other exhibitors include the Manor’s own gardeners Petra Barre-Cygnel and Pia Holm, and three art students from the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki: Tuure Leppänen, Anne Roininen and Olli Valkola.

Calendar of events & opening hours Lux Söderlångvik

  • 25.11 Event opening 16-18, open house at the museum
  • 2.12-17.12 Gingerbread artwork in the museum: Vote for your favourite and win a prize
  • 8.12 Music session in the museum at 18-19: Henrik Huldén and Niklas Nylund
  • 10.12 Winter swim and Afternoon tea
  • 16.12 Christmas market in the carriage museum & craft and rhyme workshop with Katarina von Numers-Ekman
  • 17.12 Christmas tree event & Finland’s Lucia 2022 Wilma Grönqvist in the museum

During Lux Söderlångvik 25.11-17.12.2023, Söderlångvik Museum and Glassgaraget are open Wednesday to Sunday at 13-19. Restaurant Ateljé Sami Tallberg serves lunch with advance booking ( Thu-Sun at 13-15.

See also an autumn survey where you can win a 50 € gift card, which can be used in Glassgaraget during Lux Söderlångvik (The survey is in Swedish and Finnish).


Light installations and Christmas atmosphere during Lux Söderlångvik 25.11-17.12.2023 at Söderlångvik farm. The full programme is available at

For more information, please contact:

CEO Annika Jansson, or tel 050 302 3363

Artist Alexander Reichstein, or 0440 339 399,

Communications Specialist Hanna Vuorio-Wilson, or tel 040 562 2198