Jonathan Bäckström Quartet on the Apple Day


Jonathan Bäckström Quartet on Jazz Finland Tour

Jonathan Bäckström Quartet is a young, emerging quartet with musicians from Finland and Sweden. The quartet is led by bassist/composer Jonathan Bäckström with Adele Sauros on tenor saxophone, Marcus Wärnheim on alto saxophone and Benjamin Nylund on drums. 

The music ranges from minimalistic soundscapes to explosive multilayered free improvisation. The four musicians each bring their individual voices to create a strong, collective musical statement. 

Jonathan is a bassist, improviser and composer from Kronoby, Finland. Since his arrival in Helsinki, he has become an in-demand musician and is active with many domestic and international projects.

Adele Sauros/Jarno Tikka (sub.), tenor saxophone
Marcus Wärnheim, alto saxophone 
Benjamin Nylund, drums
Jonathan Bäckström, bass

On the Apple Day in Söderlångvik Manor on Sat 24.9.2022, the quartet will take the stage at 12 o’clock noon to 1 PM.