Söderlångvik live

Welcome to follow our live stream from the apple garden and the beautiful museum park. Via Söderlångvik live, you can admire in real time the wonderful apple blossom, the Plum Garden’s diverse meadow, the harvest time in the apple garden and Lux Söderlångvik.


The apple blossom at Söderlångvik estate.
The apple varieties “Jaspi” and “Kanel” are grown here. Söderlångvik’s apple orchards consist of approximately 50,000 apple trees. Most of the cultivations are on Tolfsnäs Farm on the northern part of Kimito Island. Some of the trees are in the immediate vicinity of Söderlångvik Manor. During the flowering period at the turn of May–June, the landscape is transformed into a fairytale valley. When the harvest ripens in autumn, the orchards are an unforgettable sight.

The Plum Garden’s diverse meadow.

Plum trees grew here during Amos Andersons time. Here we are building a diverse plantation with annual flowering plants as food and shelter for pollinating insects. The garden room supports biodiversity in Söderlångvik Museums Park throughout the year. Some plants are sown earlier in the spring and are planted out as soon as the temperature allows. Other fast-growing flowers are directly sown in the beds in May. You are welcome to visit the site several times during the summer season to see the whole development from early summer greenery to late summer exploding colour!

Apple garden at Söderlångvik.

Apple varieties Jaspi and Cinnamon ripening and ready for harvest. The apples are picked by hand and mechanically. The work begins in mid-August, and the harvesting finishes in October.

Lux Söderlångvik.

Magical winter at Söderlångvik manor. Light art installations illuminate the autumn darkness and create a magical atmosphere together with music and sound. This year’s outdoor artists are Alexander Reichstein, Pia Holm and Petra Barre-Cygnel.

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