Antique day at Söderlångvik manor

29.06.2024 11.00—15.00

This year’s new event is the Antique day at Söderlångvik manor. During the day we dive into the world of antiques, design, and art. Welcome to take part in knowledge and inspiration from different eras.

The day is hosted by experts Maria Ekman and Bernt Morelius, who will scrutinize the treasures brought by the participants and talk about how to value objects. Ekman and Morelius will also present their favorite artefact from Amos Anderson’s collection in Söderlångvik Museum.

Do you have an interesting artefact at home that you would like to know more about?  You are welcome to bring it to the Antique day at Söderlångvik manor and let our experts value it and tell you more about its origin and function. Please note that only smaller items can be brought to the appraisal, i.e. no furniture and other large heavy objects. 1 artefact / person.

Price: Admission to the museum or museum card
Location: Söderlångvik museum

The day will be led by expert Bernt Morelius and Maria Ekman. Photo Alex Savander

Maria Ekman
Expert in antiques, design and art. Ekman has come into contact with a wide variety of objects through her work in the auction industry.  She is an entrepreneur specializing in antiques and has worked as an expert for 35 years.
She is internationally recognized for identifying the missing private furniture of the Russian Tsar. She is also a regular columnist in several magazines and has previously published a popular guidebook on antiquities. Maria Ekman holds a master’s degree in politics from the University of Helsinki.

Bernt Morelius
Specialist in antiques, especially silver, glass, pewter, brass, furniture, textiles, porcelain, ceramics, kitchen antiques and other unusual objects.
Mr Morelius has worked as an antique dealer in Helsinki for almost 40 years. He has done public education work on radio, television and in the villages.

Welcome to Söderlångvik!