The applegardens

Söderlångvik manor has approximately 50 000 apple trees. If you visit us in springtime when the appletrees blossom, you will find yourself walking in a fairytale valley.

In autumn, when the harvest mature, you will be able to taste different kinds of apples. When the season for fresh fruit is over, you can refresh yourself with Söderlångvik applegarden’s applejuice or apple jam. You can buy the products in restaurant Café Söderlångvik. And why not have a taste of the exquisit honey that is produced by Söderlångvik Manor’s own bees!

Latest news from the applegardens

The Manor meets the quality requirements for Viljelmän Laatutarha

Söderlångvik Manor meets the quality requirements for Odlingens Kvalitetsgård (Swe) / Viljelmän Laatutarha (Fin) guidelines. The Kvalitetsgård (Eng. “quality farm”) guidelines are common guidelines for Finnish horticultural production. They exist to ensure that the products are safe, that production has as little impact on the environment as possible and that workers have good working conditions.

The quality audit is done every four years. The certificate is valid for two years from the auditing year. Two years after the audit, a self-assessment takes place and when it is approved, the company receives a new certificate that is valid for two years.


Our direct sales at the restaurant Cafe Söderlångvik is open from May to September 2022. Other times, our apples are for sale in Björknäs trädgård / Kinos direct sales kiosk at Söderlångvikvägen 120 and, K- and S-shops on Kimitoön, and in Helsinki City center at Söderlångvik Glass ice cream parlour, Mannerheimintie 22-24, 00100 Helsinki.

Our apple varieties